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About Noble Pacific Classified Ads Placement Services

Noble Pacific Advertising specializes in the placement of print and display classified advertising in all venues of the print media. This includes major daily newspapers, community newspapers, shoppers, trade journals and magazines. We are a low overhead agency that assists all types of businesses in marketing their products or services throughout North America in a cost effective and efficient process. We are here because our clients realize that utilizing their own personnel to place advertising is often done at a disadvantage to their business. Not only in actual costs but the ever decreasing resource of time.

Noble Pacific can be your part-time, on call media department at little or no extra cost. In most cases, because we are a nationally recognized advertising agency, Noble Pacific receives agency rates which allows us to consult, place and track your ads at or near the same cost you would pay to do it yourself.   

Noble Pacific
Date Organized 1993

Agency Recognition:

Hawaii Publishers Associate Member
Standard Directory of Advertising Agencies
Dun & Bradstreet

Nancy Noble

Please consider Noble Pacific. We will be happy to be of service to your firm.

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