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The Advertisement Placement Process

The Idea!
The client comes to us with a great idea! Why not let someone else do the tiresome, tedious and repetitious work of calling all those newspapers with my ad copy. Think of the time it will save.

The Decision!
My representative and I will discuss the ad copy and make decisions on where, when and what publications I want to advertise in.

The Quote!
Within a short time I have a no cost quote with the total cost, number of insertions and deadline for each publication.

The Work!
Noble Pacific then does the rest. Places the ad, checks and proofs the copy, pays the publications and reconciles the bills. What could be easier?

The Results!
I receive one itemized invoice and proof of publication. All the work was done for me and at a fraction of what it would have taken me or my staff to do the same thing. This was a great savings of both my time and money.

 The End!

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